On meditation

I know when I breathe in, and I know when I breathe out. I guess that I know when I breathe in, but does it matter if that’s subconsciously? I don’t know. I’m so tired, maybe I’ll fall asleep? Or maybe I’ll get really into it and fall into a trance or something? I might […]


I remember being drunk. I remember being in someone’s house, someone that I didn’t know, discussing propagation, and the best herbs to grow from seed on your windowsill. I remember leaving and going home, but I don’t know how I got there. I remember falling down some stairs. I remember being put to bed, and […]

Crocodile tears

From a very early age she’d found it easy to detach herself from emotion. Children are often frightened of their parents dying. They can’t understand the loss and so the thought of it terrifies them and will cause them to cry. She was never afraid of her parents death, but of not feeling the pain […]

Last hello

The damp from the rain enhanced the smell of perfume and stale cigarettes on his coat. The kiss on her cheek, now a mere formality, was rougher then usual. As he disappeared into the house she watched his footprint fade on the doorstep, accepting now that it was over.