I like to think that I’m a creative person.

I don’t know how creativity can be measured, but I reckon I’d be in the top half of the group. That being said, I recognise that there are a lot of people out there that can harness the right side of their brain more effectively then me. I have friends that are actors, in bands or ones who are solo musicians, and I wish I had their talents.

Obviously, there is a difference between artistry and creativity, but they do seem to have a perfect balance. I think I’m more of the creative problem solver. I like to find solutions to things, like using a hairband to fix frozen peas to my boyfriends leg when he dislocated his knee.

I would love to be a writer. A screenwriter, a novelist, a journalist, I don’t mind. I just love writing. Getting my thoughts out; creating a story. Unfortunately, where my plans often go awry is that my ideas are rarely completely formed. I have a character with no story, or a plot without people or time. I write down a short discourse that has no settled place and so it is often my own soliloquy.

I have no place to put these scraps and so I thought that I would publish them here. I want to see if they can inspire anyone else, or whether they truly are half-baked ideas with no residence. I would invite anyone to add to, borrow, edit or adapt my ideas into anything. I’d like them to grow organically, so please feel free to share.

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